ScooterLab Infrastructure Updates

3D Printing the Latest Iteration of the WBSC Enclosure

February 2024

Our recently acquired BambuLab P1S printer is hard at work 3D printing the newest iteration of the WBSC enclosure.

ScooterLab Prototype 3 (SLP3)

January 2024

For SLP3, our focus has shifted towards testing a lightweight model, incorporating improvements based on the insights gained from SLP2. Enhancements include the integration of additional sensors not present in the previous model—specifically, a light sensor, temperature sensor, and microphone.

ScooterLab Prototype 2 (SLP2) Testing

September 2023

The ScooterLab Prototype, SLP2, has reached its final stages and is presently in the testing phase. Recent enhancements to the prototype involve transitioning from a Raspberry Pi-based Wireless Base Station Computer (WBSC) to one that is smartphone-based, accompanied by a 3D printed enclosure designed for weather resistance. These updates are part of our comprehensive testing efforts, focusing on hardware, software, and durability against weather conditions. This new prototype brings ScooterLab closer to its first deployment.

Fleet Controller Server Acquisition

August 2023

We have procured a 4U rackmount server with dual Intel Xeon 12-core processors, 512GB RAM and a 720TB storage to house the Fleet Controller and an initial version of the RAMP. The final/enterprise version of the RAMP will be later moved to another server.